So, you've finally decided to get your life together.


Seriously, I know how difficult it can be. Juggling schedules, checking all the different calendars, and managing multiple inboxes. For a lot of folks, it's a daunting task that they'd rather leave to someone else. Stop flying by the seat of your pants and get someone to help you lock down a schedule and hold you accountable. Getting things together is no easy feat; but when you've got someone in your corner who has first hand experience in getting her own life together within our industry, the work doesn't seem quite so overbearing. 

Maybe you've just said "fuck it!" and just want to show up for appointments and not have to worry about anything else. 

Imagine waking up, looking at the calendar, and seeing appointments booked and ready to go- screening and all- done exactly to your specifications. Imagine choosing which clients you get to maintain while I take care of all the others. Get your free time back. Stop being glued to your phone(s) and laptop. 

Maybe you've been in the business a while, and you've started to slack off. You're tired of writing "work appropriate" emails, and wish someone with fresh eyes and a new perspective on you inbox could swoop in and convert those seemingly dead-leads into actual clients. Let me help you get back on your A-game. You could also be brand-new to all of this and have no idea where to start. I can help you find your feet and get up and running. 

Let me help you achieve that elusive personal/work life balance, re-energize your client management, and get things moving forward again.

I offer both full and part-time personal assistance, and offer both weekly and monthly payment options. Even if you're just in need of some assistance while on tour, I've got you covered. Believe me- I'm flexible, and we can work together to find something that's perfect for the both of us. I start working for most folks part-time, but quickly get asked to work full-time.  

Currently, I have room to take on 4 folks. If you'd like to discuss your options, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can either fill out my contact form here or email me at


Personal assistance FAQ

Do you have specific start days/billing cycles?

I don't, and can start working for you at any time. The billing cycle is dependent on my start date. 

Can we discuss things over the phone/via Skype?

We certainly can, but my consultation fee of $125/hr applies. I do not offer half hour consultation fees/interviews or free time to speak on the phone regarding personal assistance. The situation we are entering into is contractual, and therefore things have to be in writing. This is to the benefit of both of us.

I do not require a phone conversation/Skype call in order to begin assistance services; phone calls and Skype sessions are available as a service to you should you want to pay for them.

Will you work as my assistant under an alias of my choosing?

No, I work under the name Erin Black for everything that I do, as I'm proud of the work that I do and want my name associated with my work. Using different aliases for different people gets confusing for me. I am, however, more than happy to pretend to be you!

Will you do "______" at no additional cost? 

No. I won't. If you do hire me as a personal assistant and later on want services such as advertising help, the rate is stated on my rates page. If you want another service offered here and have hired me as your personal assistant, I do offer discounts for that work. Assuming I'll do work for free under the premise that you've hired me as your personal assistant (or are planning to do so) is presumptuous and rude, and it's also a huge red flag that you don't respect boundaries. 

Empathy is really, really important to me, and so is respect of boundaries. Ask yourself how you'd feel if a potential client asked you to work for free. Apply those feelings to me. 

I am a mentor and want you to book for my mentee, under the condition that you speak to me and not my mentee. Will you do that?

No, I will not. If your mentee wants me to book for them, please have them contact me directly. I have no interest in working through a third party/middle-person as it makes things unnecessarily complicated.

Do you have references from other people you've worked for?

I do! Please reach out to me if you'd like me to give you their information. 

What if I decide I don't want to work with you after all?

We both have the right to terminate negotiations at any time with no explanation. If you decide you don't want to work with me, simply let me know. I'll do the same for you should I come to the conclusion that we aren't a good fit. 

Be aware that our communications are a form of "screening" for us both. Multiple red-flags in communication indicate to me that we won't be a good fit for one another. 

I've decided that I no longer need a personal assistant. How should I handle that with you?

If you decide at any point that you no longer require my services, please let me know. If you're paying monthly, letting me know a month in advance is preferred. If you're paying weekly, please give me at least two-weeks notice.

Ultimately, if you're going to terminate our business relationship, two weeks notice is not only customary, but it's also kind. Ghosting on me is pretty much the worst, as it leaves both of us in limbo. Please, whatever you do, don't ghost on me. I am actually a pretty caring and empathetic person, and open to critique.

I'm ready to start working with you! What information do you need?

That depends on what you've decided to hire me for. Ideally, you'll have your website, email, and ads already set up, so all you'll need to do is give me login credentials for pertinent accounts. An online booking calendar/google calendar/other app is necessary for us to remain on the same page/schedule. Before I start, you'll need to have your package paid for either the week or the month. Please do not pay me in advance or without notice when starting a new working relationship.


You can pay me March 1 for a start date of March 7; you cannot pay me March 1 with a start date of March 7, go silent for 2 weeks and not return my emails, and expect that I will roll over that March 1 payment into the next month when you do decide to get back in touch with me.


I'm from outside the US and want to hire you as my US booker and tour assistant. Do you offer that?

I do not. I am not knowledgable concerning border crossings and international working. At this time I only book for US citizens working inside the US.