Don’t Just Scroll Through, Do Something: Conversion Rate Optimization and How To Increase Client Interaction

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Don’t Just Scroll Through, Do Something: Conversion Rate Optimization and How To Increase Client Interaction

So, you’ve optimized your website, and you’re finally showing up in search results. Clients are finding you organically via Google, and your traffic is up almost every month. It’s great, right?

Sure, it’s great. In fact, it’s awesome that your website is more visible and that your target clientele is finding you. But now what? Sure, traffic is great, but if client’s aren’t booking, then what’s the point, right?

I know, I know. There’s a lot of information out there on how to get clients TO your website, which is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. However, once potential clients have gotten to your website, how do we get them to interact with it?

That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes in.  According to Moz, conversion rate optimization “is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.” In more practical terms, it’s essentially taking a potential client by the hand and guiding them down a path that gets them to do what you want them to do.

And no—I’m not just talking about booking.

You know as well as I do that in order to book, potential clients need to first trust you, your brand, and your staying power. We’ve all read some sort of statistics regarding advertisements, and how it can take a potential client upwards of seven times simply seeing an ad before clicking on it and deciding to book. So really, CRO only works if you have other marketing ideas and strategies outside of simply existing on the internet and being desirable. Having a marketing strategy with multiple points of “sale” makes the “conversion” portion of “CRO” happen.

So, what’s a conversion?

A conversion is simply a general term for a visitor completing a goal that your website has. Websites can have multiple goals:

  • Signing up for a mailing list
  • Reading a blog post
  • Filling out a booking form
  • Signing up for other paywalled accounts you may have, like OnlyFans
  • Calling you on NiteFlirt/texting you on SextPanther
  • Emailing you to ask a question or pre-screen

So, what’s a conversion rate and how do we calculate it?

Your site’s conversion rate is the number of times a user completes a goal divided by the total traffic to your site. Note that depending on the site, a user may or may not be able to convert each time they visit a site. You can only sign up for a mailing list once, and most people don’t fill out your booking form again once they’ve become a client.

To keep it simple, let’s imagine we own a lingerie website called Leggy Ladies. Someone who visits this website could purchase something (a conversion) each time they go to the website. If someone visits the website three times, that’s three opportunities to get them to convert.


A potential buyer visits Leggy Ladies three times:

  • First experience was getting a feel for the website and its products, and perhaps finding something they liked.
  • Second experience, the potential buyer buys some stockings. That’s a conversion!
  • Third experience, the buyer comes back to buy another set of stockings and a bra and panty set. Another conversion! Note that just because someone buys more than one thing, it’s still one conversion because it’s one unique order.

This buyer converted two out of the three times they visited the website. Two divided by three is .66666666666, so our conversion rate would be approximately 67% for this one single user.

If Leggy Ladies wanted to figure out this rate for its whole site, you’d divide the number of unique orders by the total number of sessions. If Leggy Ladies has 500 unique orders and 5000 visitors, their conversion rate would be 10%.

BUT ERIN. This example doesn’t apply to me at all, since essentially I can only make the initial sale (scoring a booking via my website) once.

Oh, don’t you fret! Here’s how we calculate CRO that’s more meaningful for our particular industry.

Let’s take the path of a potential client and see how that works for CRO:

  • Potential client comes to your website to check you out, look around, and see what you’re about. He doesn’t fill out your booking form, and leaves. This is obviously not a conversion.
  • The same client returns and decides to fill out your booking form. Conversion! Now, it’s THE ACT OF THE CLIENT FILLING OUT THE FORM that makes the conversion—however, we will assume that this is a good form/bookable client.
  • The same client returns after filling out your booking form/seeing you to read your blog posts, see your updated photos, and the like.

Since our client here can’t technically convert meaningfully more than once, we measure conversion rate by the number of unique users, not unique sessions. So in the case above, we have one unique user who filled out your booking form, which means we have a 100% conversion rate for your booking form. To expound on that, if you had twenty unique booking forms filled out and two hundred unique visitors, you’d have a 10% conversion rate.

The Benefits of CRO

I know. I know what you’re thinking. This is all a lot, and you’re not really sure why this is important to your website or web presence. You’re wondering why you should care about this and if it’s important or of any kind of benefit.

Let me tell you why this actually is beneficial to you, your website, and your business.

CRO enhances insight into your target market by finding the RIGHT clients for your business and eliminating the wrong ones.

CRO strategies allow you to find the exact language that speaks to your target market. Sure, more traffic to your website is great, but not if the people visiting aren’t converting.

CRO improves your potential clients’ experience with your website.

When your clients feel intelligent and confident using your website, they tend to stay longer and come back more frequently. CRO identifies what actually works for potential clients on your site. When you eliminate what doesn’t work and expand what does, you create a better experience for potential clients starting at your website. If your website experience is great, an experience with you must be too, right?

CRO enhances trust between you and your potential client.

Lots needs to happen in order for a potential client to share the information many of us require on our booking forms; clients need to trust you and your website. Your website is an avatar for you. As such, your website should be able to easily communicate important information to your potential client in the quickest and easiest way possible. CRO identifies these paths of least resistance. Clients who don’t identify with your content and can’t easily find important information will often write off websites (and therefore, you) as being unprofessional.


CRO is a data-driven process that’s based on concrete evidence; it’s not a guessing game in the least. You have to know who you’re optimizing your site for,  where within your website you need to optimize, and what within your website needs to be optimized.

I’m not going to lie. This is where shit gets intense. Figuring out CRO isn’t something that happens with the snap of a finger, and it’s far more complicated than SEO. The results, however, are worth the time and effort.

Gathering data can happen in two ways—either via gathering numbers in a structured manner, which is called quantitative data analysis, or via asking people questions about their behavior, which is called qualitative data analysis. You can’t just use one or the other. Quantitative data analysis identifies which people you should be asking your questions to. It does you no good to ask people who aren’t your potential clients questions about their user experience, after all.

You’ll need a way in which to gather information for the quantitative portion of your study, and  Google Analytics is the most commonly used tool for this particular job. It’s free, and relatively easy to set up, and if you’re doing SEO at all, you might already have an account set up.

Google Analytics can tell you a whole lot of really important information. It can tell you:

  • Where people enter your site (it’s not always the home page)
  • What pages and features they interact with the most
  • How the got to your site (did they get to you via twitter, organic search, or an ad)
  • What devices and browsers people are using
  • Where your audience is physically located
  • Where users leave your website

This information will help you identify where you need to focus your efforts. You’ll see the fastest and largest improvements by focusing on pages that clients value the most.

The qualitative analysis part is a bit trickier, simply because the data that’s most important comes from your ideal clients, and your ideal clients, ideally, have booked you. Your ideal client might not have booked you yet, though, so there are other ways to capture information there.

The easiest way to do this is via on-site surveys and asking your in-person clients questions on the sly. You can use Hotjar to help out with the survey portion; make a free account and survey away!

The in-person questions are always a little trickier, but I’ll often ask more amorphous questions like:

“What drew you to me?”

“Was there a deciding factor in wanting to meet me?”

Listen to how they respond when they talk about these things. What words to they use to describe you and your website? Sometimes they’ll even drop hints about why your website/writing/etc was compelling and better than other writing they’d read in the past.

Personally, almost all of my clients make comments concerning the usability of my website, my writing style, and my blog posts. When I need more info, I honestly just ask! Most of my clients are also business owners and understand the need for solid data.

Make sure to keep up with the blog for the next segment- tools for CRO!

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Websites SEO and Copywriting for Escorts.

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web design and seo for escorts

This blog’s focus is on helping people with very basic web design and SEO understanding to make the best of their websites and blogs!

It also covers things like basic internet and online safety protocol.

If you have suggestions for posts, or topics you’d like discussed in-depth, please feel free to send a message to

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Websites SEO and Copywriting for Escorts.

How Do I Choose? Squarespace vs WordPress Breakdown

I know it can be really difficult to choose a escort website designer and escort website host. I know I struggled with it plenty, and have used every DIY site under the sun. Different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. In my experience however, Squarespace and WordPress-based websites offer the best design elements, SEO options, and flexibility (Wix websites are also done on a per-case basis).

“But Erin,” you may ask – “what’s the difference between them? Which should I pick? This is all so overwhelming!”

Honestly, if you’re overwhelmed by all of this, but want to manage your own escort website after I do the initial setup and design, I highly suggest choosing Squarespace. While their plugins aren’t flexible and customizing of templates is lacking, they are all-inclusive and all managed internally by the service itself. Squarespace has incredible customer service and seem to be very friendly towards our particular sector of service. Their templates are beautiful, easy to manipulate, and come with a readme that’s very helpful for after I hand over the website to you. Their hosting services are very reasonable, coming in at $144 (as of June 2017), and they also offer a free domain name with your first year of service. Their servers are located in the US/Ireland and technically impacted by FOSTA because they’re a US company. If overseas hosting is a priority for you, you’ll want to consider WordPress. SEO is a place where Squarespace could definitely use some improvement; there aren’t as many customization available in this area. Overall though, if you’re looking for a website builder that’s easy to learn and manipulate after I build the initial site and you’re not already familiar with WordPress, Squarespace is for you.

There are a few options for my involvement with your Squarespace site. Tech support is provided solely via Squarespace since they are handling the servers. Any technical issues you’d have with your website would have to be dealt with through them. If I am simply building your site and handing it over to you, you’d be dealing with Squarespace folks on your own (they’re super helpful).

I can, of course, manage your website for you for a monthly fee- this includes updates, troubleshooting, and dealing with any technical support issues on your behalf.

I also offer updates for a per-update fee should you want to deal with updates in that manner.

If you’re looking for domain acquisition outside of Squarespace I can also handle this on your behalf for a small fee, but do suggest that you procure your own domain so you can retain ownership.

WordPress on the other hand, is truly about customization and options. The initial installation of WordPress is completely bare, and you often have to find plugins that suit your needs. All of my WordPress escort websites come with startup components that are the most useful for folks in our industry: a real-time drag-and-drop page builder, security options like 2-step authentication and enhanced firewalls, image plugins like galleries, sliders, and video embedding, SEO enhancements and more. If you’re a seasoned WordPress user and have your own plugins and templates that you know and love, I’m more than happy to let you handle that on your own as well.

With WordPress-managed sites, there are way more options available as to how involved I am, too.

Maybe you don’t want a damn thing to do with your website ever, and want me to handle the setup, creation, and ongoing management of your site. I’m more than happy to do so! I’ve created a specific portal site that allows you to submit requests for updates, technical issues, and the like. Because I host all of my own WordPress sites, technical support is included with your hosting fees.

Perhaps you know your way around WordPress pretty well, but you’re really into my aesthetic and design choices and you want me to create a custom website. Absolutely! This option is what really made me famous- initial website creation that’s then turned over to you. I’m available for help for a short period of time after the project is finished, but you’ll mainly be on your own as far as design elements are concerned. Tech support is always available and is included with your hosting fees. I can also acquire your domain name for you on your behalf if you don’t have your own, but again— I highly recommend procuring your own so you retain ownership.

If you’re a WordPress expert, this next option is for you. Essentially, I give you a brand spankin’ new WordPress environment and host your site for you for a low cost. I have a specific install that I do with a design program included. Again, I can also acquire your domain name for you on your behalf if you don’t have your own.

All escort website hosting through Black|Ash is currently $200/year paid up-front. If you’d rather pay monthly, it’s $20/month. My server is overseas (in Switzerland, specifically) and is incredibly secure (I’m constantly updating programs and discovering new security enhancements that I can make).


Escort Website Marketing and Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for SEO basics?

Outside of being an escort myself? I do lots! 

I’m essentially a one-stop shop for all of your online marketing needs! From web design to SEO, copywriting to website hosting, I’ve got you. 

I also offer personal assistance on a per-case basis. Current and former Black|Ash clients will always be given preference for these positions. 

My turnaround time is generally two weeks for small projects like copywriting, and four weeks for most website projects. Turnaround time is completely contingent on your level of interaction with me, though!

If it takes you a month to send me content, obviously your website turnaround time isn’t going to be four weeks, if you get what I’m saying.

Paypal is preferred. I also take Venmo, Vanilla Visa/Amex gift cards, or can invoice you directly. 

All projects, including copywriting, web design, and SEO overhauls, require 50% up front in order to start the project. The remaining is due on completion of the project. 

I do! I’m happy to share examples privately. Just let me know you’re interested in seeing my writing work in the body of your inquiry. 

Short answer: no, I don’t.  I simply don’t have the time to do so, and am also a firm believer in empowering you to be in control of your own SEO journey. If you want someone else to manage your SEO, you’re welcome to find someone else, but I’ll tell you this- it will not be affordable because having great SEO for the type of website we’re creating means generating quality content. Writing services are expensive, and this is something you can absolutely do on your own.

While SEO does require some maintenance, this is not an e-commerce website we’re building here. Its a small in-person business, service-based website with a blog. Being informed about how to keep up with your own SEO, when need be, is all you need in order to have successful rankings over time.

Once your website is audited and overhauled, keeping up with it is relatively easy, and I even explain how to do it here.

You can also sign up for my newsletter here, and keep up to date on all sorts of fun topics, including SEO.

I currently only take on personal assistance clients on a per-case basis, and deference goes first to clients I have positive history with. 

I don’t have any other personal assistance services that I can recommend at this time.

Nope, sure don’t. 

My portfolio and SEO results speak for themselves though, and my clients keep coming back. 

I offer a top-notch service at what is truly a value price; I stand behind my work, and am always willing to help you whenever I can. 

While I’m more than happy to enter into your account to do things like SEO overhauls, I design all websites from my own accounts and retain ownership of the project until the project is finished and paid for in full.

Same goes for WordPress websites; if you are not hosting with me, I develop websites on my own server and then install them on your iteration of WordPress once the work has been paid for in full.

I do not turn over any administrative information for your website or transfer ownership until I’ve received payment in full for services rendered.

You chose to work with me based on my portfolio. Examples of my work abound, and there’s lots of opportunity to ask questions prior to depositing on work. The work I produce consistently fits within my portfolio; I create websites that engage and convert potential clients.

I supply a questionnaire that helps me get an idea for what you’re looking for stylistically. There’s opportunity for you to tell me what kinds of sites you like, what types of fonts you love and hate, and what color palettes you enjoy.

I’m here to work with you until we get the website right. Don’t like my initial draft? No big deal! that’s why it’s a draft. 

I’ll do everything in my power to deliver you a website that you absolutely love.

That being said, the work you contract is for the full cost of the website package you’ve chosen. I offer split payment as a sign of good faith and the project will be seen through to completion according to your liking. If you decide to terminate our relationship, I will expect full payment for the work you’ve contracted. While I prefer to resolve things amicably by delivering you a website you love, I won’t hesitate to involve my lawyer in order to receive full payment for the service I’ve rendered.

Very Fine Print

*Written notice constitutes a legally binding contract within the state of Illinois, which includes email transmission. The total payment the client is responsible for is the cost of the full project. A deposit of 50% is required to begin work, and  the remaining balance of the project is due within two (2) weeks of project approval and completion. If the client initiates project termination prior to paying the remaining balance but after the delivery of a finished project as ordered, the client is responsible for paying the remaining balance for services rendered. Should the client decide to not render payment, the client can expect recovery attempt to the fullest extent.*
*Turnaround times are estimates only and do not include the time it takes for the client to supply me with information necessary to complete the project. Unless the client gives prior notice in regards to needing more time than my stated turnaround time, extension fees will apply. For copywriting projects that extend past the quoted turnaround date due to client negligence, the client will be responsible for a fee of no less than $50 per week that the project extends. For website projects that take longer than the stated turnaround time date due to client negligence, the client will be responsible for a fee of $350 which will extend the project another four (4) weeks. The above fees will be required at the time of extension. Please—stay on track. Time is a non-renewable resource for the both of us and it’s in the best interest of both parties to stay on schedule.*
*Website hosting is due either yearly on the same date as initial payment, or monthly on the same date as initial payment. The client will be billed and have two (2) weeks to pay for hosting services. Should the client not pay the hosting service fee, the website will be taken offline until the client brings their bill current. The client can request their website be taken down at anytime; however, hosting refunds are only available if the client cancels their hosting service within two (2) weeks of initial purchase. The client can stop hosting service with a 48-hour notice sent to*

For your consideration...

Squarespace or WordPress?

What's the best tool for your business?

Pricing and Rates

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Looking for digital solutions for marketing the unique experience you provide?

Look no further.

I know it can be really difficult to choose a escort website designer and escort website host. I know I struggled with it plenty, and have used every DIY site builder under the sun. Different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. In my experience however, Squarespace and WordPress-based websites offer the best design elements, SEO options, and flexibility (Wix websites are also done on a per-case basis).

WordPress Websites for Escorts

Squarespace Websites for Escorts

Chicago Blonde BBW Companion Erin Black

Ready to get your web project started?

With over 7 years in the escort industry, I’m a web designer with skills like no other. My insider knowledge and unique approach can impact your web presence dramatically. Contact me now to find out more!

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Websites SEO and Copywriting for Escorts

Your business, redefined.

Website Design and SEO for Escorts.

I’m Erin Black, and if you’ve found your way to this particular place, you’re hunting for something. Many of you know me best as Chicago’s premier BBW escort and kinky companion. You’ve seen my website and online presence, and you’re wondering if you can develop your brand the way I’ve developed mine.

I want to help you uncover your ultimate branding and marketing potential, and work with you to in the trenches in order to develop a plan and a business that works for you. I’m your Huckleberry; your right-hand lady with the industry insight and know-how that can help you elevate your business and take it to the next level.

I’m a tried and true brand developer and strategist that comes with years of traditional sales and marketing know-how, professional writing skills, basic front-end web development skill, and a trained and keen eye for design. All keywords aside, I truly love working with motivated, hearty, enterprising individuals who are invested in their own success. Whether you’re just starting or looking for help with a business you’ve already got going, look no further.

A word to the wise: If you’re simply looking for me to listen to you talk, ask you about your feelings, or pat you on the back and tell you how great you’ve done thus far, I’ll refuse your money and suggest you call your mom instead. Business development doesn’t work that way; if it did, you wouldn’t be here.

As an independent design and SEO marketing consultant, I get hired by project to assess your current branding and SEO marketing scheme and produce specific, targeted, and sustainable plans of action for you and your brand. Once we find the perfect fit, I translate that into a website that’s not only beautiful, but converts clients.

Ready to work? Because I’m ready to make it work.

Are you wondering if you should hire me? Would we be a match style-wise? That I can’t answer; only you can. Are you a friendly, flexible professional who is willing to work with me to create an image and plan that moves your brand forward, or are you staunch and rigid?

Does the word “investment” make you shudder, or do you track and truly value long-term results?

Do you have a pretty good thing going and want to consult with an expert who can give you an edge?

Here’s where I am. I have an unusually diverse number of skills at levels that more than meet and exceed our industry’s standards, and I offer them at very competitive rates. I have the edge of actually working as an escort in today’s ever-changing environment, and am up-to-date in key areas that make work safer, more structured, and easier than ever.

When I’m your Gal Friday, I’m all-in. You’ll get the absolute best I have to give and nothing less. Accordingly, I expect you to be a prompt, professional, respectful, and competitive individual who needs help from a professional with sophistication, poise, and savvy. Are you indeed that person?

If you are that person, and you want to work together, reach out. I can also promise you that if you respect my time, energy, and occasionally dogmatic tendencies, you can expect sustainable and exceptional results. For fee-based projects, I require 50% up front, and accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, and Gift Rocket.

I’m ready when you are. Most folks reach out by clicking the button below, but you can also reach out to me via email at

Let’s find your real. Send me a message.

For your consideration...

Squarespace or WordPress?

What's the best tool for your business?

Pricing and Rates

Rates for web design, SEO, and content services

Websites SEO and Copywriting for Escorts.

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