Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for SEO basics?

Outside of being an escort myself? I do lots! 

I’m essentially a one-stop shop for all of your online marketing needs! From web design to SEO, copywriting to website hosting, I’ve got you. 

I also offer personal assistance on a per-case basis. Current and former Black|Ash clients will always be given preference for these positions. 

My turnaround time is generally two weeks for small projects like copywriting, and four weeks for most website projects. Turnaround time is completely contingent on your level of interaction with me, though!

If it takes you a month to send me content, obviously your website turnaround time isn’t going to be four weeks, if you get what I’m saying.

Paypal is preferred. I also take Venmo, Vanilla Visa/Amex gift cards, or can invoice you directly. 

All projects, including copywriting, web design, and SEO overhauls, require 50% up front in order to start the project. The remaining is due on completion of the project. 

I do! I’m happy to share examples privately. Just let me know you’re interested in seeing my writing work in the body of your inquiry. 

Short answer: no, I don’t.  I simply don’t have the time to do so, and am also a firm believer in empowering you to be in control of your own SEO journey. If you want someone else to manage your SEO, you’re welcome to find someone else, but I’ll tell you this- it will not be affordable because having great SEO for the type of website we’re creating means generating quality content. Writing services are expensive, and this is something you can absolutely do on your own.

While SEO does require some maintenance, this is not an e-commerce website we’re building here. Its a small in-person business, service-based website with a blog. Being informed about how to keep up with your own SEO, when need be, is all you need in order to have successful rankings over time.

Once your website is audited and overhauled, keeping up with it is relatively easy, and I even explain how to do it here.

You can also sign up for my newsletter here, and keep up to date on all sorts of fun topics, including SEO.

I currently only take on personal assistance clients on a per-case basis, and deference goes first to clients I have positive history with. 

I don’t have any other personal assistance services that I can recommend at this time.

Nope, sure don’t. 

My portfolio and SEO results speak for themselves though, and my clients keep coming back. 

I offer a top-notch service at what is truly a value price; I stand behind my work, and am always willing to help you whenever I can. 

While I’m more than happy to enter into your account to do things like SEO overhauls, I design all websites from my own accounts and retain ownership of the project until the project is finished and paid for in full.

Same goes for WordPress websites; if you are not hosting with me, I develop websites on my own server and then install them on your iteration of WordPress once the work has been paid for in full.

I do not turn over any administrative information for your website or transfer ownership until I’ve received payment in full for services rendered.

You chose to work with me based on my portfolio. Examples of my work abound, and there’s lots of opportunity to ask questions prior to depositing on work. The work I produce consistently fits within my portfolio; I create websites that engage and convert potential clients.

I supply a questionnaire that helps me get an idea for what you’re looking for stylistically. There’s opportunity for you to tell me what kinds of sites you like, what types of fonts you love and hate, and what color palettes you enjoy.

I’m here to work with you until we get the website right. Don’t like my initial draft? No big deal! that’s why it’s a draft. 

I’ll do everything in my power to deliver you a website that you absolutely love.

That being said, the work you contract is for the full cost of the website package you’ve chosen. I offer split payment as a sign of good faith and the project will be seen through to completion according to your liking. If you decide to terminate our relationship, I will expect full payment for the work you’ve contracted. While I prefer to resolve things amicably by delivering you a website you love, I won’t hesitate to involve my lawyer in order to receive full payment for the service I’ve rendered.

Very Fine Print

*Written notice constitutes a legally binding contract within the state of Illinois, which includes email transmission. The total payment the client is responsible for is the cost of the full project. A deposit of 50% is required to begin work, and  the remaining balance of the project is due within two (2) weeks of project approval and completion. If the client initiates project termination prior to paying the remaining balance but after the delivery of a finished project as ordered, the client is responsible for paying the remaining balance for services rendered. Should the client decide to not render payment, the client can expect recovery attempt to the fullest extent.*
*Turnaround times are estimates only and do not include the time it takes for the client to supply me with information necessary to complete the project. Unless the client gives prior notice in regards to needing more time than my stated turnaround time, extension fees will apply. For copywriting projects that extend past the quoted turnaround date due to client negligence, the client will be responsible for a fee of no less than $50 per week that the project extends. For website projects that take longer than the stated turnaround time date due to client negligence, the client will be responsible for a fee of $350 which will extend the project another four (4) weeks. The above fees will be required at the time of extension. Please—stay on track. Time is a non-renewable resource for the both of us and it’s in the best interest of both parties to stay on schedule.*
*Website hosting is due either yearly on the same date as initial payment, or monthly on the same date as initial payment. The client will be billed and have two (2) weeks to pay for hosting services. Should the client not pay the hosting service fee, the website will be taken offline until the client brings their bill current. The client can request their website be taken down at anytime; however, hosting refunds are only available if the client cancels their hosting service within two (2) weeks of initial purchase. The client can stop hosting service with a 48-hour notice sent to*

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